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The QualityCommons Workshop

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The Centre for Research in Social Simulation (University of Surrey, UK) and the Centre d'Analyse et Mathématique Sociales (EHESS/CNRS, France) successfully hosted  QualityCommons - an interdisciplinary workshop on collective quality representations and the social processes behind them.

The aim of the workshop was to:

  • clarify research questions about the emergence of collective quality definitions
  • consider preliminary ideas about the topic as applied to a number of domains (e.g. science, social computing, art, etc.)
  • promote links between participants to encourage the development and submission of research proposals on the topic
  • plan the writing of an edited book/special journal issue with chapters partly contributed by the participants and partly solicited via an open call for papers after the workshop.

The Quality Commons workshop took place on 28–29 January 2010 at the Maison de la Recherche, Sorbonne University, in Paris. It featured presentations by invited speakers, from both academia and industry, as well as panel discussions with a selected audience of up to 50 participants.

For other details regarding the workshop visit the QualityCommons webpage.